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An image purportedly showing the upcoming “iPad mini”, released by the Apple fan website 9to5mac. Source: Supplied


APPLE is sending out invitations to reporters for an event next Wednesday, where it’s expected to launch a smaller iPad.

The invitation to the venue in San Jose, California, doesn’t hint at what will be revealed, but media and analyst have said for months that Apple has an “iPad mini” in the works.

The tablet is thought to be about half the size of the regular iPad and to start at $US249 ($243) or $US299.

Apple founder Steve Jobs derided the idea of a smaller tablet two years ago, but Amazon.com Inc. has had some success with its Kindle Fire, which is half the size of the iPad and starts at $US159. Analysts believe Apple wants to tackle that competition with its own similarly sized tablet.

Reports suggest that the smaller iPad would have a screen that’s 7.8 inches on the diagonal, a bit more than the Kindle Fire or Google Inc.’s Nexus, with their 7-inch screens. The full-size iPad has a 9.7-inch screen, giving it about twice the display area as the 7-inch units.

Apple typically starts selling a new phone or iPad a week or two after announcing it. But it could treat the new iPad as a minor product update, in which case it could start selling it right after the announcement.

Apple shares rose $US14.02, or 2.2 per cent, to $US648.78 in midday trading in New York. The shares are off their all-time high of $US705.07, hit September 21 when the iPhone 5 went on sale in stores.

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The Balancing Act: Managing Multilevel Marketing and your ADHD Child

Anyone managing a multilevel marketing business will tell you it is a balancing act between family responsibilities and business necessities. Ask a parent with an ADD or ADHD child at home, and they will tell you just how precarious that balancing act can be without proper planning. The following ideas are designed to help you balance your business with the needs of a challenging child so that both thrive.

First, break your business responsibilities into as many small steps as possible. Just as a child with ADHD does better with small tasks that combine to achieve larger ones, your business can accomplish great things even as you divide them into quick, five minute tasks. Planning time, organization of calls to make, creation of new sales pitches, research on new cold call markets, and product research are all important steps to progress that can be done in moments of down time. Don’t expect long stretches of free time to achieve your business dreams if you are taking care of busy children, but don’t feel like you have to sacrifice your business either. Accept that the synergy of each small thing you do towards success creates a greater overall effect.

Second, when possible, consider working around your family’s schedule, rather that putting your business first. Putting your family first might seem like the right thing to do, but it is also the easier way to juggle your business responsibilities with your family. When your children are engaged in activities, you can feel free to plan, make calls, and work on new pitches. Use time when your kids are playing, eating dinner, doing chores, taking baths, or with their other parent.

Third, don’t be afraid to ask for help. More specifically, look for help. College students often make great part time nannies and cost a lot less. Hire someone for a few hours a few nights a week and you will find that you can accomplish much more than trying to juggle everything alone. Especially if you work a full time job in addition to your multilevel marketing position, this time to work on your business is essential. Many education majors actually have experience and need additional experience working with ADD children, so you are helping your nanny as much as they are helping you.

A family, particularly a challenging one, doesn’t have to mean the end of your business dreams. Learn to balance the demands by breaking up large tasks and goals, and you will achieve success while modeling helpful skills for your child.

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Your Own Small Business-Start Your Own Small Home Business Very Quickly

Want to start your own small home business? While you may answer yes, you may be scared. A lot of people are simply too scared to take that risk. Thankfully, the Internet has made it possible to start a business of your own very quickly and, most importantly, very easy.

The first step is finding a subject that you are interested in. Children? Pets? Cooking? Sewing? Fashion? The list could go on an on. No matter what you are interested in, you will be able to start a small home business very easily.

Once you have your topic, you can then do some research on that subject. What is selling well? For example, if your passion is pets, look at pet products and find out what pet owners need and want for their pets. The next step is to come up with a domain name for your website. Choose keywords that are relevant to the topic, such as buypetproductsforless or something along that line. Register your domain name and find a hosting company.

Most hosting companies will have templates you can use to start your own website. Once your website is online, you can then apply to become an affiliate with companies that sell pet products. They will allow you to list their products on your site and whenever someone purchase the products, you earn money.

After you have the products listed on the website, start advertising. There are many different ways to advertise your site. From social sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to online article marketing, you will not need to spend a lot of money to make your website more well-known.

Sounds easy, right? The truth is, starting your own small home business is very easy and it can be quick. All it takes is some time and a little patience. With the right advertising and the right products, you may have just started a very profitable business for yourself.

P.S. Starting a small business can be very challenging and difficult, but it does not have to be. Learning and Training are critical to the success of your business. If you are serious about stepping into the 1099 world of business ownership, get the facts and get started today.

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MLM Tips For a Business Keeps On Going

You may have noticed that many MLM companies come and go quicker than most weather patterns, but you may also still be in the thralls of your new business and unable to see that many people get into this industry inadequately prepared and quickly fail. Regardless of how new or excited you are about your company, there are a few MLM tips that help you to beat the odds and be the company that keeps on going into a bright and successful future.

First, look beyond your established friends and family for recruits and customers first. Your friends and family are essential to provide support, and they may show interest in your product or opportunity, but you can quickly damage relationships by making the hard sell to these people first. Instead, invest right away in services to provide you with leads, and practice your cold calls every day. This practice will help you get into the habit of networking and prospecting, which will ultimately feed your business much better than relying on your circle of influence.

Second, keep it fun! Set up contests for new associates that make them motivated to jump in and get invested in your opportunity. Get your associates together whenever possible, even if only utilizing technology like Skype, for them to learn one another and bond as associates. When you foster relationships and make your company fun to be a part of, you actually offset some of the pressure and stress this industry is known for and you increase your associates’ buy-in.

Third, always invigorate your business with new lifeblood. New associates, new customers, new offerings. Even if you just change the way you offer your services, it will provide an air of excitement and a chance to learn more that will help to keep your associates and customers from getting bored.

These MLM tips may not make you rich quick, but they are the best ways to enjoy your business, which is the key to longevity in a tough but lucrative industry.

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John Thomas Financial Raises $33 Million for Private Shares of Facebook in Secondary Market


Wall St. Firm Builds Opportunities for Investors in Tech and Social

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwire -05/16/12)- John Thomas Financial , a full-service independent broker/dealer and investment-banking firm located in New York City’s Financial District, announced today that it has raised $33,064,743.28 for Global Innovation Fund SPV1 LTD towards shares of Facebook in the secondary market. The fund, whose capital has been invested exclusively in private shares of Facebook, is managed by Galt Capital.

Investors can expect Facebook to complete its initial public offering by Thursday and begin trading on the NASDAQ Friday morning under the symbol “FB.” A regulatory filing revealed on Tuesday that the company expects to sell shares at $34-$38, up from the previously reported $28-$35. At the high end of the newly disclosed price range, Facebook’s IPO stands to raise nearly $13bln.

Facebook will sell 180 million shares in the IPO, with another 157 million coming from current stockholders. Analysts suggest that Facebook’s value could be as high as $104 bln.

John Thomas Financial is no stranger to social media, having recently acted as an investment-banking advisor to Grandparents.com, a premier social media website for the 21st century generation of active, involved grandparents. The Wall Street Firm even uses Facebook , Twitter , YouTube and their own JTF Blog as effective tools to communicate company news and insights with their clients and the public.

John Thomas Financial’s RIA affiliate, JTF Private Wealth Management , manages the JTF Multi-Opportunity Fund, which identifies and strategically invests in key players in emerging technologies. The JTF Multi-Opportunity Fund has also purchased shares of Facebook in the secondary market and continues to raise capital from private investors for well-known names in tech, including Twitter.

“John Thomas Financial was founded on the values of innovation an entrepreneurship. Over the last decade the world has seen startups achieving incredible leaps in tech and the way we communicate. Facebook’s story is aligned with our vision as an investment firm and we are proud to have participated in this historic event,” says John Thomas Financial CEO Thomas Belesis .

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